The Rock Support To Bray Wyatt's Grieving Family

Since hearing of Windham “Bray Wyatt” Rotunda’s demise on August 24, the wrestling community has been in grief. Everyone has rallied around the Rotunda family, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as they share anecdotes about the influence the “Eater Of Worlds” had on them, whether emotionally or just in terms of entertainment.

Following Rotunda’s passing, Johnson released an emotional statement in which he acknowledged his grief and praised himself for his presence, promotional abilities, and in-ring performance. The WWE icon went a step further, though, after Wyatt Rotunda’s sister Mika confirmed on social media that Johnson has been keeping the fridges stocked for everyone in the Rotunda family.

Publicly, my family would want to thank @therock for his generosity, sympathies, and love over the past two weeks, she wrote in a tweet. Like he did with everyone else, Windham had a good influence on him. And DJ has maintained our homes (yes, plural) and refrigerators stocked with food. I adore you, ohana.

Johnson didn’t do this to gain recognition on social media; instead, he did it to show his respect and love for the entire Rotunda family. When Johnson made a surprise debut at WrestleMania 32 and wound up facing the Wyatt Family before a no-holds-barred battle against Erick Rowan, Rotunda and Johnson famously shared the ring. The “People’s Champion” explicitly wanted to work with Wyatt, according to former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who is tight with Johnson; the main takeaway from the segment was that Johnson wanted to put him over.


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