taylor swift singapore tour

Taylor Swift most recent musical endeavor, the Eras tour, has made its way to Singapore. Fans are looking forward to the pop sensation’s six nights on stage during this special Southeast Asian stop. The singer of Cruel Summer began her first performance of the evening on March 2. Swift revealed a personal connection to Singapore’s National Stadium during the first segment of the event, sharing a heartfelt moment amid the frenzy.

Taylor Swift relationship with Singapore personally

Taylor Swift , The 14-time Grammy winner revealed her close family links to the dynamic Southeast Asian nation and talked about her very personal relationship to Singapore. “In actuality, my mother grew up in Singapore for a large portion of her childhood with her parents and sister.” In a video captured on a fan camera, Swift addressed the assembly. “So, when we’d come here on tour, my mom would take me and drive me past her old house, where she used to go to school,” the woman went on. Thus, I’ve heard about Singapore all of my life.

After finishing her Australian tour with boyfriend Travis Kelce present, the 34-year-old took off on her own to her next location. She then took a two-month hiatus to focus on her next album, The Tortured Poets Department. Having heard so much about Singapore her entire life, she remarked that coming back was a dream come true for her and that visiting was always enjoyable. “It means the world to be able to come here and play a show this big with so many lovely, giving people who are basically honoring my family with what you just did with that song.” “I already love you,” the Grammy winner stated before continuing. Tonight is going to be so much fun.

Taylor Swift’s Singapore Eras Tour schedule

On March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 of 2024, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour will stop in Singapore at the National Stadium at Marina Bay Sands. She will restart her hugely popular and commercially successful Eras tour in May, with stops in Paris, France, and Stockholm, Sweden, after a two-month sabbatical.

Taylor Swift gave her fans a unique experience earlier in her performance when she performed a mashup version of her songs “Dress” and “I Don’t Want To Live Forever.” She subsequently revealed, during her Instagram live session, that it was a message from the department, with a black heart emoji rather than the customary white heart emoji, which cried out “REP.” Many admirers, however, conjectured that she might be alluding to her upcoming album, which is scheduled for release in April.


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