The Bloodline and The Rock had an incredible segment on the most recent episode of WWE SmackDown. Tonight’s SmackDown had an explosive opening segment between Roman Reigns and the Samoan faction. Paul Heyman later gave a presentation on The People’s Champion.

When The Great One showed up, he responded to Cody Rhodes’s challenge for a singles match and turned it down. He soon made Cody Rhodes an even bigger offer: on the first night of WrestleMania 40, Roman Reigns and The Rock will square off against The American Nightmare and Seth Rollins in a tag match.

The People’s Champion, however, increased the stakes to an unprecedented level by revealing that Roman and Cody’s Night 2 WrestleMania encounter would be a “Bloodline Rules” contest if Cody and Seth lose the tag team fight. Many fans are interested in learning more about the Samoan faction’s unique gimmick match after this segment.

The Hollywood actor stated that a “Bloodline Rules” contest will be an open-minded competition. The former WWE star added that he and Pat McAfee can even provide ringside commentary by pulling off a chair. To offer The Tribal Chief an unfair advantage in the title defense, Jimmy Uso might be assigned as a special guest referee for this event.

Perhaps Paul Heyman might help The Bloodline Leader by removing a foreign object. For those who don’t know, foreign objects are things like trash cans, tables, ladders, kendo sticks, etc. The Rock then joked that since the Samoan side will be bringing all the aces to the table, Solo Sikoa might also be belting out the national anthem during this match.

Finally, The Most Electrifying Man hinted about his possible involvement in Reigns vs. Cody, saying he might assault The American Nightmare in this special rules match by stealing the chair he was seated on at ringside.

Seeing how Dusty’s kid reacts to the challenge and whether or not a “Bloodline Rules” bout is presented at WrestleMania 40 will be interesting to watch next week.


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